Saitama Prefecture, Shanxi and Japan Entered a New Stage of Exchange and Cooperation
Source: 2011-07-31 18:31:17

BEIJING, Taiyuan, September 10 (Reporter En) County, Shanxi Province, Saitama, Japan became friendly with the provinces and counties for nearly 30 years, exchanges and cooperation between the two sides entered a higher stage of development is .10 pm, Shanxi People's Congress Ann Yang, deputy director of the Saitama Prefecture of Japan in Taiyuan, before meeting with Speaker of Austrian wood Nobuo line.

Ann Young Japanese guests to Shanxi rich cultural heritage, and hope that Austrian wood Nobuo Japanese friends in Shanxi more places, see more, understand Shanxi, Shanxi, feel, and hope will continue to strengthen ties.

Saitama Prefecture in Shanxi Province in 1982 and became friendly provinces and counties, both sides in environmental protection, agriculture, education, health, culture, tourism and other aspects of civil and friendly exchanges to develop, establish regular mechanisms for cooperation, government and civil visits have been frequent, especially in the salinity of agricultural land improvement and training, health and language students to achieve good results.

Allegedly, Saitama, Japan have a strong manufacturing base, especially in optics, electronics, automobile manufacturing accumulation of power and technology, local services and tourism development.

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