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Chang Family's Compound
Source: 2011-07-31 18:11:53

If Qiao's Grand Courtyard makes the family courtyard of Shanxi known by people, the Chang Family' s compound brings the family compound culture to an unprecedented height.
Located in the Yuci District, Jinzhong City of southeastern Tiayuan, Chang Family' s compound was the private manor of the family who was extremely wealthy among Shanxi merchants in Qing Dynasty. The grand fort gate sits facing the east, named  "Guo Genji" . Outside of this grand courtyard winds a small river along the wall and a white stone arch bridge is built in front of the gate. Opposite the gate lies a flagstone street stretching from east to west, with the entire restored compound lining in the north. Around the courtyard, there is a 100-acre garden absorbing both south and north styles called  "Garden of Serenity".

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