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Adult Basic Education (Idaho) 2011-12-02 15:43:22

Information for Students

If you are interested in enrolling in the ABE program, or know someone who is interested in enrolling, the following information will help you understand our program and know what to expect.

Who is Eligible

To be eligible for our program, a student must be over the age of 16, not currently enrolled in any public high school, and have skills below the 12th grade (high school graduate) level in any of the following areas: reading, writing, or math. We also serve students who cannot read, write, or speak the English language. High school and college graduates can still qualify for the ABE program if their skill level has fallen below the 12th grade level and they need some refreshing.

Why You Should Enroll

Our students enroll for many different reasons. Some people want to prepare for taking the GED and others want to improve their skills so they can find a better job. Some people want to learn how to speak English, while others just want to be able to read to their kids. Some of the most common goals our students have are: to improve their skills, get their GED, find a job, keep their job, get into college, or start a technical training program.

How Our Program Works

To enroll in the ABE program, the first step is to contact your local program. A list of our program sites is included on our Contact Us page. Please contact the program in your part of the state. In some cases, the program may have an outreach site close to you.

Once you have contacted your local program, they will work with you to set up a time and location for orientation. At the orientation, you will learn more about the program and will take an assessment test. The assessment test will tell the program about your strengths and weaknesses, and help them set you up with the classes that best meet your needs.

After you complete orientation, someone from the program will sit down with you and talk about your goals, your schedule, and your assessment results. From this information, they will help you figure out what sort of program will work best for you. This will probably include a mixture of traditional classroom learning, computer lab, tutoring, and independent study.

Once you are enrolled, you can stay in the program as long as you need to. Occasionally you may be asked to take another assessment test to figure out how you are doing and how well you are progressing towards your goals.


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